Kristin & Chad:
This weekend Chad and I finally had the chance to sit down and look through all the pictures from the wedding. We absolutely love them, Paul. Love them. We are so impressed with your work. The photos came out just as we had envisioned. We've sent them to lots of friends and family and the resounding response is: "Wow! Amazing. Incredible find on the photographer!" Chad and I certainly did our part by dressing up in great clothes, smiling a lot, and generally just doing what you told us to do, but the credit really goes all to you. The shots are so beautiful and you did an amazing job capturing all the things we were feeling: fun, energy, excitement, love of our friends, and love of each other. Everyone looks relaxed and like they are having a great time. Thank you for being so willing to run around town with us and for setting up a great tour of the Pearl. The pictures have just the artistic flair we were looking for. I love the pictures of the guys in the hotel room, especially the one where Chad is sitting on the bed, looking at the camera and all the other guys are looking different directions. Hilarious. I also love, love, love the ones around the Pearl: the red wall, the brick wall, the wall with lips, etc. The pictures of the ceremony are touching, intimate, and hilarious. You truly captured the spirit of the ceremony. I love the pictures of Chad and I saying our vows (not sure what I was saying exactly with that look on my face!), the looks of our family and friends, and the energy we had right afterward. Anyway... I could go on and on and on... there are so many pictures I love. There are just too many to name. You are not only talented, Paul, but you are also hilarious, personable, and fun. You have such great energy and made us, our friends, and our family feel totally at ease... I feel like you really listened to the vision we had for our photos and executed on that vision exceptionally well...

Rebekah (family member/wedding guest):

Paul recently documented the wedding of my brother, and his groom.  The venue was gorgeous, and the Disney "Up" theme was inspired.  Best of all however, is that this beautiful day was captured from EVERY vantage point by Paul.  Never have I witnessed a photographer work so hard to capture not only the groom's, but every guest and detail of their special day!  Everywhere I looked he was there, focused, working, and still being unbelievably friendly.  He went above and beyond at every turn.  And the results have just been wonderful!  

Kimberly & Brian:

Oh my gosh, I am literally in tears (happy tears).  These are all so breathtaking and I am immediately taken back to those moments just by looking through the photos.  Thank you is not a strong enough word.  These are BEAUTIFUL and you made our day perfect and captured every moment for us to treasure always.  We adore you!

Leah & Robert:
Paul and Holly were great to work with. It felt like a perfect match and an easy decision after meeting with several other photographers and studios. Their personalities really fit with ours and we could easily imagine them dealing with our relatives and friends. They really listened to our opinions and ideas before the wedding and on our wedding day we were able to relax and just have fun. Now that we have seen the results we are even more impressed. There was a great balance of candid informal shots and formal posed shots. They captured the moment and their work will help us remember that day for the rest of our lives. 

Myra & Matt:
We feel that the two of you have been some of the warmest and most wonderful people to work with. From our first meeting, through our engagement session, on through the wedding and late after the sunset, you have both been undeniably helpful, creative, talented, and fun! The both of you captured numerous special moments and memories tastefully and beautifully...Your work leaves us speechless and the images themselves will allow us to forever remember and re-live every moment of our wedding from the precious to the ridiculous and everything in between...Your talent is matched by equally great hearts and personality...

Jenny & Clayton:
WOW! First off thank you so much for such an amazing turn around time. I can't believe you have them done already. THANK YOU. Secondly...I am totally impressed with your work and LOVE looking at the pictures. I am so glad that Clayton and I did this--it is so neat to have this special time in our lives documented. The pictures show how happy we are and how much fun we were having together at the beach. Thank you! I am supposed to be working on my report cards and all I want to do is stop and look at the pics again and again.

Dana & Stephen:
The Engagement Photos are up! We had a lot of fun with Paul Rich, roaming around Portland to take the pictures. He is an amazingly talented Portland photographer who I met through a friend.  
I literally went through 46 photographer websites (many of them were recommended by people I know, vendors i've worked with and other searches through Bravo Weddings, Bravo Events, and others). After carefully looking through the sites, looking at style, color, lighting and price...I narrowed the search down to 6 that I contacted. I ended up interviewing the best of the best and found the ABSOLUTE BEST - Paul Rich Studio. Steve and I instantly knew that Paul was who should shoot our wedding. He had amazing photos in his home and in all the albums that we paged through. We left his house, got in the car and said... he is the one.

Cerise & Randy:
Randy and I cannot thank you enough for being so wonderful! After leaving the park that Saturday for our engagement session, I was filled with so much joy, and so much peace and happiness because we know that we made the absolutely best decision when we hired you to photograph our wedding. We were both smiling from ear to ear because of how wonderful, laid back, and easy-going everything went. It is an amazing feeling to have two photographers who truly care and who we can trust and be so comfortable and at ease with!

Cathy & Kyle:
I just wanted to write you and say thank you again. I have been getting showered with compliments about your photography at our wedding. I sent the link around to everyone and SO MANY people were simply amazed at the photos you presented. Impresesive job! You did a superb job...better than I ever anticipated.

Gwen & Andy:
The photos look awesome! The most amazing thing is that I never even knew you took half of them. You and Holly were both extremely discreet; we hardly even noticed you were there and you got great shots without it feeling at all intrusive.

Amanda & Patrick:
Paul and Holly did a fantastic job. I was really impressed with the quality of their photography. They really captured the "feeling" of our wedding. I would highly recommend Paul Rich Studio to anyone. They really worked hard at finding out what we wanted to see in our photos. They mixed that with their artistic flair and the pictures turned out fantastic. They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy!! Thank you so much Paul Rich Studio!!